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Monday, April 19, 2010

Alumni Spotlight: Joan Bruxvoort

Doretha Jones, our intrepid HR reporter, had a chance recently to catch up with one of our Alumni, Joan Bruxvoort. Joan started with Pinnacol Assurance in 1995 as a claims representative reporting to Debra Sue Scott and then she worked for Amy Newton. She remained in the claims role until she retired in 2005. Prior to joining Pinnacol, Joan worked for Waste Management. She enjoyed learning about workers’ compensation and claims’ processing at Pinnacol since this was a new experience for her. Joan has thoroughly enjoyed working with the different teams and the opportunity to meet new business directors and co-workers. A few of the teams that she has helped as a returning alum include BMS, BLP, BLS, BMW, SSO, SAC, and the State team. Joan likes to help the teams whenever she is requested. Her knowledge of claims continues to expand through the various assignments. Joan was one of the top participants in the Alumni Program temporary pool and all the teams have greatly appreciated her assistance.

Joan and her husband Gregg purchased a new home in the Fall of 2009. She was excited to move closer into Conifer again. Initially when she retired, they moved to a smaller home in Bailey. They enjoy the mountains. She has been working on several projects around the house including expanding their master bedroom's closet, adding an office adjacent to the kitchen, staining the cabinets, and putting in a matching countertop and painting.

She has 2 children, Scott and Kallie, and 3 grandchildren. All live in Denver. Joan and Gregg have 2 dogs,  Annie and Cole, a black and a yellow Labrador.

A couple of times a year, Joan and her husband ride the jeep trails in Moab. In Joan’s spare time, she enjoys reading and she sells Mary Kay. On occasion, she helps a friend with administrative duties in her business. She looks forward to visiting her brother in Tucson the end of April where she plans to play golf and relax.

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